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SeaBucha Kombucha is a raw fermented black and green tea born and brewed in the beautiful Northern Corner of California where the redwood forests meet the rugged, unspoiled coast. The majestic beauty of this place and its pristine water are found in every tasty batch of SeaBucha. 

The Flavor

SeaBucha kombucha has a flavor profile that lands right between sour and sweet. SeaBuchaŹ¼s non-vinegary refreshing flavor has changed many people into kombucha drinkers who originally did not like the vinegary taste of other

KombuchaŹ¼s and are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative. We flavor the majority of our Kombuchas with fresh fruit purees and herb extractions.

SeaBucha has three year round flavors available in 16 ounce cans:


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Strawberry Lemon

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Seasonal Flavors:


Blueberry Lemon

Tart Cherry

Peach Paradise Hibiscus

Apple Cinnamon



Lemon Ginger

Blueberry Blackberry

Blood Orange


Cautions: please check with your doctor before consuming Kombucha if you are sensitive to alcohol, pregnant or nursing, or have a compromised immune system