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Our Kölsch is an uncomplicated beer with delicate hop and malt flavors. This brew is crisp and dry with a refreshing finish

ABV 5.2% IBU 10


Passion Fruit Pomegranate Sour

Distinctly unique fruit flavors in this subtly tart sour. The mouth-watering acidity of pomegranate and passionfruit lends to an unexpected array of complex flavors and aromas

ABV 5% IBU 10


When Berry Met Sally

A tart and slightly creamy sour ale brewed with blueberry, blackberry, vanilla, and lactose

ABV 4.4%


Rowan's Peach Wheat

A balanced aroma of malt, grain, and fruit. Light-bodied, wheat, with a kiss of peach

ABV 5.6% IBU


Hobbs Wall Milk Stout

Wonderfully balanced and full of creamy coffee and rich caramel notes makes for a velvety smooth Milk Stout made with Rumiano lactose    

ABV 5.6% IBU 20  



 This German-inspired ale captures the essence of traditional brewing methods. A harmonious blend of malt and hops creates a refreshing taste reminiscent of the German beer culture, delivering a coastal twist to a classic brew. 

ABV 5.4% IBU 15


The 4th collaboration brew in the Beers Beyond Borders Series with Misty Mountain Brewing. This Hefeweizen is a traditional unfiltered wheat beer with sweet and fruity notes of bubblegum and faint clove. This crisp, Hallertaller hopped full bodied Heff is served with a lemon.

 ABV 6% IBU <10

Red Sky IRA

One of SeaQuake’s original recipes that started it all! This IRA has a brilliant ruby colored body and beige head. The malty and hoppy aroma precedes a solidly hoppy flavor, with layers of caramel notes. 

ABV 7.3% IBU  78

Dockyard Amber

A rich Amber brew with a balanced blend of malt and hops. Notes of caramel and toasted grain, with a crisp hoppy finish. 

ABV 5.8% IBU 28